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SSB, Personality & Living,
Language Development Coach

With B.A Psychology & M.A. English Literate, he is a Personality Development Expert who specializes in SSB Trainings. Passion and Patriotism drives his SSB Interview Trainings for NDA/TES/CDS/AFCAT/Navy Tech/TGC/ UES/MNS/NCC/ACC/JAG. He is a well-known Language & Communication Coach in Dehradun who devotes his energy to ascend State Board students to fluent English Speakers through his brand Trainer Puru Motivation & Learning. He offers a diverse

spectrum of Personality, Language, Placement, Business Delivery, Client & Customer Service, as well as IT trainings. Over 10 years in corporate world and 6 years in various Institutional Trainings, his Trainings act like precision upgrades to his trainees! His pedagogy & andragogy focuses on Transfer of Knowledge, Sharing of Best Practices and ensuring hands on learning for the young minds to match the employability Skills as per their Dream Careers in Uniform & Beyond. His initiative of recording GDs, Interviews & GTOs is the USP for SSB Select Plus Program.

Message For Students

Dear Aspirant,

You could have been the best student through your schooling/college or a backbencher. You all stand equal when it comes to competitive exams. For all competitive preparations, you have to be good in everything, you can’t just limit yourself to Science or Mathematics or English. Stage I requires discipline, devotion and determination. Once you get through Written you still have a long way to go! You may feel awkward when you are told that you need to “Do better…” during your SSB Preparation; which is for your own good. Stage II is a Personality Assessment and is only based on your Words and Performance. If you feel you have the guts and merit to be an Arjun, I challenge you to be Eklavya! You have unbound potential! Believe in yourself and compete with yourself. Outperform your benchmarks and make sure you wear your Dream Uniform & Badges. Best of Work!

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