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Competitive Physics & Applied Sciences

A B.Tech in Civil Engineering & M. Tech in Structural Engineering, he possess an in-depth knowledge of Physics and related concepts. He shoulders the onus of grooming students for Physics and related competitive concepts. His charged up sessions of CDS, NDA, X-Group aspirants with practical approach and relevant examples make him the best mentor for Physics. His initiatives of helping students with extra inputs make him a class apart mentor from others. His arduous efforts in going beyond the obvious push his students towards results. Complexity of concepts is a big barrier in student’s progress and his

simplification efforts for years have resulted in a lot of student achievements. His warm smiles & hot challenges during classes ensure that during Interviews the students can explain the implementation of Physics. His energetic and intuitive Doubt sessions fill students with clarity of concepts, no matter which background they come from.

Message For Students

Dear Students,

If physics scares you or confuses you, it is time for you to change things. I will be your support, yet the accountability of doing things is on you. If there is any doubt, you are more than welcome to reach me. If there is any concept that makes you think twice, I will be around to help you. My soulful efforts will be your energy to achieve targets will win us amazing results. Overcome anything that stops you will be my personal challenge. Help me help you make it to the highest possible ranks of Armed Services. Come to my team with commitment to beat the hell out of any Competitive Exam that stands in your way, come to my team with your phobias that stop you from dreaming about your dream career. Once you are here give us the best of your ability and rest will be a dream come true for you. Please remember without any exception or any excuse, is the only way to success!

All the best for your future!

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