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Competitive Grammar Expert
E-Trainer at “Vita Trainers” on YouTube

An MA and an expert in Mass Communication with over five years of corporate work experience with Brands in Telecommunication, Film Production and Advertising. Since 2006 he has been mentoring thousands of students across reputed Colleges, Institutions and Academies in Uttarakhand. He is a pioneer educator with a charismatic personality and owns complete wizardry of Competitive English Grammar. His courses, via you tube channel Vita Trainers and his training institution Vita Trainers, have

benefitted thousands in achieving their NDA/CDS/AFCAT/MNS/X-Y GROUP selections. He is friendly and fierce at the same time & ensures there are wonderful results even from the backbenchers. With his matter of fact approach and reality based examples, nothing in Grammar will ever be a challenge for you.

Message For Students

Hey Guys!

I am sure you all have been through a lot of pressure during your schooling for learning English Grammar. Many of you may have scored good marks yet have not understood a thing about sentences. I will help you rise above this fear and I will ensure that Grammar becomes a cake walk for you. All you have to do is keep things simple and follow my leads. Those who have achieved proficiency in any language have done it through understanding and patient efforts. If you really aspire to adorn the Uniform nothing should be a challenge for you. As an Officer you are expected to know polite & polished English. Remember guys, "If you want it, you work for it & you will have it!"

Good Luck Guys!

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