Ex-Air force Engineer

Retired Principal Aditya Birla Group

Head Foundation Program

An Air force Engineer he served the country in uniform before moving to education. With exceptional hard work he earned promotions to head various reputed Schools across North India. He retired as a Principal from Aditya Birla Group. With over 45 years of rich experience,

he guides our NDA & NDA Schooling Programs towards excellence. He possess a strong insight in School Education as well as competitive learning, his expert sessions inspire sparks of motivation in students. They experience the necessary push towards their dreams. As an Interview panelist, his questions & feedback results in exceptional improvement. Some of his mentees already have completed half their service tenures! As a lamp guiding millions across North India, he is the perfect motivator & guide for anyone aspiring to wear Stars and stripes.

Message For Students

Dear Students,

Those who dream of joining armed forces from a very young age don’t need any external motivation. I believe those who decide this late in their life, need a lot of persuasion and motivation.

The best way to prepare yourself for armed forces is to begin a disciplined life with a proper routine, food habits, turn out and physical fitness activities. Listen to songs in praise of motherland and war-heroes. Find time to watch war documentaries. Always keep your hair trimmed like a soldier, act like a soldier, use military jargons in your conversation, stand in front of a mirror and give loud commands. All these activities will help you lose your negativity and make you a perfect gentleman to qualify SSB.

“Never forget to continue your rigorous practice to crack the written examination. Good Luck!”

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