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Deewan Singh Negi
Competitive Mathematics

A B.Tech in Civil Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar along with a competitive flair is the perfect combination for a competitive Coach. He has worked with several prestigious institutes of as well as with reputed online platforms for horning the skills of students. His passion for NDA/CDS/X/Y/AA-SSR results in realization of Dreams for hundreds every year. CBSE & Competitive mathematics both fall under his expertise and his devotion is exemplary for the entire academic team at Doon Indian Defence Academy. With an experience spanning over years he has a

strong bond with students that lasts forever. He is extremely friendly yet uncompromising on quality of student’s Performance. He is highly result oriented and passionate towards taking student doubts. He has taught more than 8000+ students over these years, Out of which more than 2600+ students got selected in different Uniforms. He heads the mathematics department and has ever growing results and

Message For Students

My Dear Students,
Mathematics is a very logical subject. You need to focus on two things, first understanding the concepts and second practicing their application. I do not want you to limit yourself to formulas, you have to be an Action Hero and break different questions down. I will be with you in all your fights but there has to be a high level of commitment and simply rejecting maths is not a solution! You have to accept mathematics and make it your passion. You have to live breath and exhale mathematics to ensure your success. I will share the easiest tips and tricks that will help you solve questions faster. I will ensure that you are not just willing to have the goal but also the spirit to reach the goal. Once you have a good command over speed, you have to ensure logical development. Remember when it comes to mathematics there is just one mantra “practice makes a man perfect!”

Happy Solving! Happy Winning!

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